Heuristic Solutions

Heuristic Solutions

With innovations in almost every field, sparks have been added in marketing too. We are sure that you must have heard about the paradigm shift that has prevailed over marketing; however, many are still looking at this change in an entirely different way than it is intended to. There is not much in waiting to predict the future of marketing because the chances are that we are living it right here, right now. The traditional approach to marketing had become obsolete and even when traditional marketing was at its pinnacle; it was just a numbers game. The more you paid, the more visible you were. But things have changed and so does marketing strategies. Digital marketing has succeeded traditional market and is perhaps the best way to market you over the web.

Marketing through traditional approach is like tuning the radio and hoping for your favorite song while digital marketing streams your favorite songs directly to your device and often, with lyrics too.

We have been overwhelming about digital marketing but what exactly it is?

Data drives digital marketing, and it targets promotion through technology, and it covers almost every platform that you are familiar with, let it be your mobile apps, podcasts, and websites. The internet is the hub for all these tools at a digital marketer’s disposal.

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